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Data storage and processing

Data is stored and processed on Google App Engine
The following are excerpts from the Google Cloud Platform Terms of Service.

All facilities used to store and process an Application and Customer Data will adhere to reasonable security standards no less protective than the security standards at facilities where Google processes and stores its own information of a similar type. Google has implemented at least industry standard systems and procedures to ensure the security and confidentiality of an Application and Customer Data, protect against anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of an Application and Customer Data, and protect against unauthorized access to or use of an Application and Customer Data. Google may process and store an Application and Customer Data in the United States or any other country in which Google or its agents maintain facilities.  By using the Services, Customer consents to this processing and storage of an Application and Customer Data. The parties agree that Google is merely a data processor.

Privacy. Customer will protect the privacy and legal rights of its End Users under all applicable laws and regulations, which includes a legally adequate privacy notice communicated from Customer. Customer may have the ability to access, monitor, use, or disclose Customer Data submitted by End Users through the Services. Customer will obtain and maintain any required consents from End Users to allow Customer’s access, monitoring, use and disclosure of Customer Data. Further, Customer will notify its End Users that any Customer Data provided as part of the Services will be made available to a third party (i.e. Google) as part of Google providing the Services.

Points to note from the above excerpts:

  • You, the Set YOUR own TESTS customer are considered an "End User" in the Google agreement
  • Set YOUR own TESTS is the "Customer" in the Google agreement
  • Google may store and process your data anywhere that Google has facilities. This can and probably will be outside the EU. Google is in compliance with the US Safe Harbor Framework and as such agrees to comply with EU standards of data processing and security but does not limit the processing and storage of EU based companies to EU processing and storage facilities.
  • You are hereby notified that a third party (Google) processes your data and data is made available to them to provide the service. Acceptance of the terms and conditions on when you sign-in or register is acknowledgement of your awareness of this notification.
In addition, Set YOUR own TESTS behaves responsibly with your data and in particular:
  • Set YOUR own TESTS does not share your data with anyone except Google.
  • Set YOUR own TESTS does not make copies of your data. If you delete the data then it cannot be recovered.
  • Set YOUR own TESTS does not access your data in any way other than to provide the service apparent to you and your respondents.
  • Passwords at Set YOUR own TESTS are encrypted (hashed) using industry standard encryption.
  • If you choose to delete your account then all information and data relating to your account is completely deleted.

Cookies and other tracking mechanisms

Set YOUR own TESTS does not use cookies. The Google infrastructure upon which it runs does use cookies. Set YOUR own TESTS does not have access to any cookies. Please use an incognito or private browsing mode if you do not want to participate in Google cookies. For more information see the cookies page.

Set YOUR own TESTS does not use any plug-ins (such as Flash) and so does not use any plug-in based tracking such as Flash cookies.

Set YOUR own TESTS does not record times of usage of users.


Email addresses processed by Set YOUR own TESTS (including but not limited to publisher email, Google email, account email address) will not be shared with anyone and will not be used to contact you unless you have specifically agreed to it. Currently there is no such agreement. 

Set YOUR own TESTS does not capture any geographical information about users nor does it capture any information regarding the type of computer, operating system or browser the user is using.