Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions were last updated on 24th July 2014 at 20:12 BST.

These terms and conditions relate to the use of set-your-own-tests.appspot.com which is the publishing tool provided by setyourowntests.com and sub-domains thereof. It might also be referred to as Set YOUR own TESTS or Set YOUR own TESTS publisher.

By accepting the terms and conditions when registering or signing-in to set-your-own-tests.appspot.com then you are accepting the contents of this page and all sub-pages. Sub-pages are listed at the bottom of this page.

The Definitions sub-page contains definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions.


Privacy relates to the way your information and usage is stored, processed and used when you use set-your-own-tests.appspot.com.

Privacy policy is on the Privacy sub-page and you must read it before accepting these terms and conditions.


Neither set-your-own-tests.appspot.com or setyourowntests.com  use cookies but the Google infrastructure which runs Set YOUR own TESTS does and so you should read and accept the Cookies sub-page.

Acceptable use policy

The acceptable use policy relates to what you as a user of set-your-own-tests.appspot.com must or must not do and is concerned with libellous or offensive material and using URLs linked to websites you do not have authority to  use the resources of.

You must read the Acceptable use policy sub-page and agree to its contents before accepting these terms and conditions. 

Respondent Terms of Service

There is a hyperlink displayed on all publications except for Fun Quiz type publications. The hyperlink has the the text "Terms of Service" or "Privacy". The the respondent can click on the hyperlink to see information which tells them about the service they are using. This is important because you ask the respondents, in the questions of your publication, to enter answers to questions and the respondent should be aware of where (if at all) their answers are stored and processed. The respondent is informed, in the Terms of Service, that they do not need to enter personal information into Set YOUR own TESTS. Set YOUR own TESTS is not intended to be a means of capturing personal information. The respondent is also informed that any requests for information held about them under a data protection access request must be directed to YOU the publisher. You agree that you will be able to provide a respondent with any answers to questions they have given unless they are no longer stored on Set YOUR own TESTS and no longer stored anywhere else (for example your own or another computer system).

You must read the Respondent Terms of Service and accept the contents of it before accepting these terms and conditions. 

Service warranty

Service warranty relates to the provision of the set-your-own-tests.appspot.com service in terms of availability of useability of the service. Service warranty is provided on a best efforts basis which means that if all or part of the set-your-own-tests.appspot.com service is not available for any reason then we will try to restore service but make no guarantee that the service will be restored in any time period. 


Support is on a best efforts basis. By accepting these terms and conditions you are not entering into a Service Level Agreement. Requests for support should be made using contact details on the Contact us page. Please include you Username for Set YOUR own TESTS and details of the problem.


Set YOUR own TESTS do and will not accept any claims for damages caused by the service it provides and as such you use any services provided by Set YOUR own TESTS at your own risk. This disclaimer does not in any way affect your data protection and privacy rights for which you have read the matters relating to such in the wording above and in the sub-pages of this web page and you are still protected by European Union and United States data protection legislation.