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overview of the process


Libraries are where you can keep similar questions together, for example based on subject matter. You see a list of libraries on the libraries tab and you can click on them to edit them.


Tests are where you can choose questions from your libraries or write new ones and choose the publication type, pass mark, publication name, logo, introductory text and/or photo and concluding text. You can arrange your questions using drag and drop. For certain publication types you can set a time limit or set the email address to which respondents will submit their entry. You can preview your publication to get an idea of what it will look like when published. You see a list of tests on the tests tab and you can click on them to edit them.


Publishing a test means saving all those settings and and making a copy of your test available on the Web for people to access. They can access it through the URL and embed code which is on the publication panel. One publication type (Named respondents) lets you enter an identifier of your choice for each respondent and generate a unique access URL for each. This is for job applicants, things like that, where you would want to prevent anyone having multiple attempts or to set a time limit. Other publication type enables you to have the respondents identified by logging in to your own web site but more about the details later... You see a list of publications on the publications tab and you can click on them to edit and export them.


Setting up an account couldn't be easier - you don't even need to tell us your email address unless you want to use the respondents by email publication type - the other types don't require it. You can use the Google accounts service to sign in if you prefer to do it that way - just click the Sign-in with Google button. There are actually loads of things to look at without setting up an account of any kind and if you have experimented by entering a few questions then you can  save them to your computer and use them next time if you like.