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features diagram
  • Automatically marks the answers
  • Manage respondents for each publication 
  • Add photos to your questions 
  • Export your data to your computer or Google Drive™ 
  • Export as question and answer sheets for printing
  • Export respondents to a .CSV file for analysis in a spreadsheet 
  • Random pick questions from libraries in bulk 
  • Set up random pages which are different each time presented 
  • On-line exam style tests
  • Quiz style tests 
  • Customers can email YOU to enter a competition
  • Respondents can Sign-in with Google™ 
  • Timed tests
  • Page timers 
  • Named Respondents can resume a partly completed test 
  • Uses no plug-ins so works on all platforms
  • Tests work well on small screen devices
  • Does not require cookies or plugins.