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To create and edit tests then go to the My Workspace tab and choose the My Tests tab.

What are Tests?

Tests are where you collect questions from your Libraries, change them, enter new questions and set initial and concluding text (optional). You can also choose a theme or a publication style. You can save your Test at any time. When you are happy with your Test you can publish it so that respondents can take the Test. Tests are workspace artefacts. When you publish, the publication is a separate artefact. You can use your Test to make many publications, modified each time for the target audience. You could delete a Test from the publisher without affecting your publications.

To get some example tests

You can get a couple of example tests into your My Tests list and edit them, preview and even publish them or export them as a Google Form. The examples let you evaluate Set YOUR own TESTS publisher without the need to type in questions etc. Just press the Get some examples button. 

To create a new test

To create a test click the New Test or Quiz button.

The Test Editor will appear. There are three tabs on the Test Editor:
  • Questions 
  • Optional details 
  • Preview and Publish 

Adding, editing and deleting questions

Click the Questions tab to add questions..

You can add questions without using a library by clicking the Add a new Question button. You can also add questions from libraries by clicking the Add Questions from Libraries button. 

Adding questions from libraries

If you have questions in libraries then you can add them by clicking the Add Questions from Libraries button this is on the Questions tab of the Test Editor. The options you have and how they work are detailed on the copy from libraries page

Adding questions without using libraries

If you have pressed the Add a new Question button then the question editor will open.

On the first tab you must enter the question text and you can, optionally, add a photo.

On the second tab you must enter either some multiple choice options or have a (unmarked) text box for the answer.

There is now a third tab which can be used to enter text to be displayed when published in interactive mode.

To rearrange the questions

To rearrange the pages simply drag and drop. Click the page number and drag to the new position. Questions can be dragged from one page to another in the same manner. 

To copy a question or a pageful of questions (instead of move the question or questions) then see the copy and paste questions page

To edit a question

To edit a question hover over the + to the right of the question to open a popup menu and choose the Edit option. Editing questions on a test does not affect questions in a library.

To delete a question

To delete a question hover over the + to the right of the question to open a popup menu and choose the Delete option. Deleting questions on a test does not affect questions in a library. 

To add another question to a page

If you would like to add another question to a question page then you should use the page menu for the page you want to add to. Choose Add > New Question.

To delete a page

To delete a page use the page menu and select Delete this page. 

Random pages

Random pages pick one question from those on a page at random so the experience of the quiz/competition is different each time. To learn more about random pages see the random pages page.

Optional details

Click the Optional details tab.
  • Enter a company/club logo (optional) clear the Logo URL box to have no logo 
  • Enter optional text to be displayed at the beginning and end of the test 
  • You can add a photo which will be displayed at the start of the test. 

To preview your test

To preview your test click the Preview button on the Preview and Publish tab. This preview is generated on-the-fly and is contained in a smaller area than a published test. It is not necessary to save the test to the server or even have an account to use the preview function. You can try out different settings on the Preview and Publish tab and Optional details tab to see how your publication will look. This is only a preview, when published it will have it's own unique web address and will be on it's own web page.

To publish your test

To publish your test (so people can access it over the web) then please consult the publishing page which explains all the options (there are lots). 

To save the test

  • Click the Save button to save changes and continue editing. 
  • Click the button to save changes and end editing. 
If your account is active then the test will be saved to the server. If you have no account then it will just be saved to a local copy in your browser. Either way it will show in the My Tests list on the Tests tab. Please remember to click one of the Save buttons - your work is not saved anywhere unless you do. 

To export your data

To save the test to your computer or Google Drive™ or print your work simply click the Export and Print button on the tests list. You can then choose from the export options. You do not need to have an account to do this.

For more information about exporting your data see the exporting page.

To edit an existing test

To edit an existing test go to the tests tab list (above) and click on the name of the test. It will open in the Test Editor. Be sure you have saved any work already in the Test Editor because opening a test from the list opens the saved version and overwrites whatever is in the editor.

To delete your test

To delete the test tick (check) the checkbox against the test on the tests list and the delete button will become visible. Click the delete button and you will then be prompted to confirm. Click save and exit to confirm the delete is required.