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Random pages

screenshot of setting a random page ON Random pages enable you to set up quizzes or competitions where the questions change (at random) each time someone answers the questions. The questions are chosen from the ones you have put on that page. 

You put any number of questions on a page and then set the page to be a random page. To do this open the page menu for the page you want to set to be random and choose Random page > ON. To add more than one question to a page (so they can be selected randomly) then use the Add option from the page menu (show right) and choose New Question.

A random page is displayed in the Test Editor with a dotted border (and orange) to distinguish them from non-random pages which have a solid border.

When the random page is presented to the respondent there is no distinction between page types. They just see one question.

Here is an example of a random page. Refresh your browser to see a different question presented (probably). You can set more than one random page in a publication but this example has just one.

See copy questions from libraries to see another way of setting up random pages by setting the questions per page quantity when copying them into your test.