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Respondents by email

Respondents by email means you don't have to set up respondents beforehand. Respondents email YOU a key to their results and so is great for competitions and for initial screening of job applicants.

Select Respondents by email as the publication type. The Publisher Email drop-down will become visible. This is the email address that the respondent will send their email to. This is how you will gain access to the respondents results. Email addresses you use for Publisher Email must be verified by you receiving an email and using a link to confirm your ownership of that email address. You can read more about this on the accounts page. 
screenshot of publishing respondents by email
When a respondent has emailed you you can either:

  • Sign in to Set YOUR own TESTS and enter the key and allocate them an identifier you use - it could be their email or name or something else it is up to you. They will then be listed and you can see if they have passed and click to see their results. 
  • Forward the email (or send another one) to and a results email will be emailed back to you. The email you send must be from the publisher email. 
More information about managing respondents by email can be found on the publications page.