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Named Respondents

screenshot of publishing a named respondent publicationIf you have certain individuals who you want to take a test (job applicants, trainees, etc.) then you can publish to Named Respondents and then set up each one on the publication.

After you have published your test your publication will be showing on the My Publications tab and this is where you set up each intended respondent. Each one gets their own link (URL) which you can send to them in an email or use within some other system.

When you set them up you can give them a name (Your Reference) and you can see if they have responded or are currently taking the test and when they have finished. When they have finished you can view their results. You can see more about that on the named respondents publications page.

Named Respondents facilitate respondents being able to resume a started test. The ability to resume a started test means that challenges expected to take a long time or general distractions are no problem. If the formal option is used (recommended) then the question list can be used to quickly see which questions are already answered and to go to the next question.

For each named respondent which you add to the publication there is an individual URL which you can send to them in an email. The respondent doesn't log in - they just use the link in the email.

For instructions on how to add named respondents to your publication then please go to the publications page. You enter them after you have published the test. You add them on the publications tab. You can add them whenever you like. You can also delete them.

If a time limit is set then the respondent will be informed of the time limit before any questions are presented. They are also asked to check if the name is correct for them.

screenshot of timed test

You can choose to show them their score or not.