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Accounts currently upgraded above Free status can choose to publish using the Login option. 

The Login option can be set on General and Fun Quiz publication types. The Login option is available under the publication type selection on the "Preview and Publish" tab of the Test Editor..

showing the login option on the publishing controls

Choosing the Login option will restrict access to your publication to respondents you have (or will) issue a Login and Password. You set up the Logins on an account-wide basis using the Login Manager on the Manager app.

(The respondent logs in to the URL for your publication - the respondent does not sign in to the publisher application.)

Tags further restrict access. When you set up Logins using the Login Manager you can assign tags to each Login. Multiple tags can be used (everywhere) and are separated by commas.

For example you might have added the tag manager to all the logins for your managers in the Login Manager app. You might also have added the tag sales_dept to all employees in the Sales department. See the Login Manager page for more info on setting up the Logins.

To restrict so that only all managers can access your publication (based on the settings above) you would write manager in the text box immediately under the Login option. 

one tag entered

You need to do this when you publish, you can't change the publication afterwards.

Logins without the "manager" tag (in this example) will not be able to access this publication.

To restrict so that only managers in the Sales department can access your publication (based on the settings above) use two tags manager,sales_dept with a comma between.  You can put a space after the comma if you like, it makes no difference.

two tags added

Notice you need to have the Login radio button selected otherwise you tags will have no effect.

When you preview you publication you can enter any values into the Login and Password boxes on the previewed publication, Logins are not checked in the previewer.

Any questions then please contact me.

More information about Logins can be found on the Logins page.