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Formal publications are great for on-line exam practice for trainers or for pre-screening job applicants or perhaps just to give your respondents a richer experience. The features presented to your respondents are:
  • Back (Previous) buttons as well as Next buttons to move between pages
  • The facility to set reminders on questions to come back and answer them if time permits
  • A question list to see which questions have been answered and go to unanswered or questions with reminders set
  • A list of reminders at the end of the test
  • Quick navigation to the end of the test
  • Quick navigation to resume from the question list
  • Help on the above features at the beginning of the test before any timer starts.
If you don't want these features then choose the informal publication style.

Help panel

This is presented after the initial page (after your introductory text or photo) and before the test proper starts.
screenshot of formal help

Set question reminders

For formally styled publications there will be the option to set a reminder for a question. 
screenshot of a formal question

There will be a list of reminders at the end of the test (before the answers are submitted) and the question list can be used at any time. Clicking on the reminders navigates to the question.The respondent can use the "End of test" button to return to the end of the test and the deferred questions list will be updated automatically.
reminders set and displayed at the end of test

Question List

The question list lets your respondents navigate to questions they have not yet answered or have deferred. They can quickly go back to a question if they have second thoughts or think of the answer.
screenshot of action panel