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Respondents by email

The publication panel for respondents by email:
screenshot of publication panel with by email as type

In this instance it shows two respondents: one has passed; one has failed. 

When a respondent emails you to say they have completed the questions in a publication you will be able to see their results on the publication panel. The methods for processing by-email respondents are now explained... 

Using the respondents email results service

You can forward the email sent to you by the respondent to The email you send must be from the email address you set as the Publisher Email. Straight away an email will be returned to you including a summary of the auto-marked results and any text-box answers in full so you can see the answers. 
  1. The respondent completes the quiz
  2. The respondent emails YOU with the key (id)
  3. You make any notes required in the body of the email and forward the email to
  4. You get a reply straight away containing the results (passed failed and text answers) of the respondent.

Here is a short example of the results email you will get back from the respondents service. As you can see: the important details are all there but what about the respondent name and identifying details?
screenshot of a results email

You can capture the name or email or other identifying details which you need in the body of the email you send to the respondents email results service. The body of the email you send to the respondents email results service will be in the notes for the respondent. Here is an example of the notes you would get after you forward the email (click the notes menu item on the respondent row menu to see the notes):
screenshot of notes on respondent

If you have already set the respondent to be not flagged then the notes will not be updated from email. 

You can request results by email at any time so long as you have not deleted the respondent.

You can edit the notes at any time from the Publication panel.

Notes are included in the CSV export.

To set the Reference value use the input fields on the publication panel (described below).

Using the input fields on the publication panel

To enter a reference for the respondent which shows in the respondents list then follow the instructions below.

  1. Enter the id from the email into the id field and the reference into the other field.
  2. Press Set Reference.

screenshot of publication panel email entry fields

The respondent identified will be shown at the top of the list. The flagged box will be ticked as well.

screenshot of by email submitted