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Named Respondents

Here is a screenshot of the publication panel for a Named Respondents style publication:

screenshot of publication panel in named mode
For help on how to publish for Named Respondents the please see the publishing Named Respondents page.

Adding a respondent

named respondent row menu
Just enter the reference you like to use (name, email or some other id) into the box and press the Add Named Respondent button.

If you are sinned in then a respondent will be saved to the server and displayed in the list. The status will be "In Progress". If you are not using an active account or have no account at all then a dummy respondent will be added for initial evaluation (so you can see how it would work).

The URL and Embed HTML opens automatically. The URL and Embed HTML is different for each respondent - that is why there is a menu item on each respondent row to access it. After the publication is completed (answers submitted) then the URL and Embed HTML menu item and the individual Refresh menu item are no longer available.

You should send the appropriate URL to the respondent. Before being presented any questions the respondent is asked to check that the reference is correct for them. This counteracts any mistakes made when sending out the URLs.

You can delete individual respondents.