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We don't allow photos to be uploaded to Set YOUR own TESTS publisher for use on publications because we do not have the image detection facilities to stop illegal or copied (copyright) images from being stored on our App Engine storage space.

Photos on Set YOUR own TESTS can be set by using the photos you own on a website where you have authority to publish those photos.

Examples of valid places are your photos on Google+ or Picassa or flickr or other image hosting websites where you have uploaded the images yourself and have authority to make them public. Your own website or company website with the website administrator's permission are other valid places.

Please remember, to use a photo from, say Google+ albums then you must set the photo to be public (for anyone with the link) or allow access to anyone in your Circles you expect to be using your Set YOUR own TESTS publication otherwise you will see the photo but nobody else will.

To get the URL for your photo - open the photo you want to use in your browser (for example in Google+) and right click on it. There will be an option to copy the image URL to your clipboard. Shown below is in Google Chrome browser.

showing how copy url for photo in web browser

Then paste the copied URL into Set YOUR own TESTS.

showing how copy url for photo in web browser

Setting the Alt text is optional and a default one will be used if you do not specify. Remember not to give away answers when you set the alt text. The Alt text is used when the image does not load for whatever reason and also by accessibility software used by people who cannot see images clearly. 

The URL protocol must be https not http. Your respondents will be prompted to decide if they want to display non-secure items otherwise which is confusing to them and is, as such, not allowed.

Check the URL is correct by clicking the View button - the photo will be displayed. Click the photo to go back to the settings.
viewing the photo