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Page timers

On any kind of publication you can set a maximum time that a respondent can take to answer the questions on a page. Most times there will be only one question on a page so it can be considered a question timer, if you like.

If a page is a random page then only one question will be displayed on that page so the timer will be the time allowed for the one question displayed.

Once the timer has elapsed the options on the page are disabled.

If the respondent moves on to another page the timer continues in the background. Once they have seen the question it needs to be answered in the set time regardless what they do.

To set a timer then choose the Timer page menu option when you are setting up questions in your test/quiz.

showing page menu with timer option

Then just set the seconds you want. For example 120 for two minutes which would be quite a lot. showing timer being set

Click OK to set it. To remove a timer just set no seconds at all by either having nothing in the box or zero (and click OK).

A page with a timer set has a little clock icon as shown here...

showing a clock icon on a page with a timer set

On the actual test as presented to a respondent the timer is displayed as shown below...

page timer on a test

And the number of seconds counts down, one second at a time.

Hope you find a good use for page timers!