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Login Manager

The Login Manager is one of the functions of the Manager app. You use it to manage respondent Logins which enable respondents to access publications you have published with the Login flag set.

Hopefully it is really easy to use and self explanatory but here are a few tips:

showing create login

The system will create a random password for you which you can change if you wish.

You will notice that the Password box is in plain text. This is not a mistake it is because you will need to tell the respondent user their password and you can check you have entered it as intended, just make sure nobody is looking. The password is not displayed at any time after you have saved. If you forget a password you will need to change it because passwords are stored in one-way-only hashed format on the server.

Tags can be set, comma separated, which can then be used when publishing to restrict access to respondents with the correct tags. For example if you wanted to set a test on fire procedures in the Birmingham office then you could publish with the tag birmingham. (Tags are always in lower case.) Only those with the birmingham tag set on their Login would be able to access it. How you create and manage tags is up to you. The Login publising help page has more info on the publishing end of it.

manager login list

Your Logins appear in a list which you can filter on the tags if you like and you can also enter a Login ID to directly edit a single Login. Be aware that the Login ID will be converted to upper-case automatically.

amending a login

To amend or delete a Login click on the list item and the editor will appear. To change the password select the checkbox and the system will create a random password which you can change if you wish. The tags can be amended. Obviously you need to press Save or Delete depending on what you intend. The Login ID box is disabled because it cannot be changed. Using the tools on your browser to enable it will make not one bit of difference so don't bother. To change a Login ID create a new one and delete the old one.

Any questions please contact me.