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The Manager app is a separate app which is used to manage the various aspects of Set YOUR own TESTS which are better suited to being accessed outside the Publisher app.

Currently it can be used to manage Respondent Logins which can be used on publications published when an account is upgraded to Basic. 

The Manager app is designed to be able to be used easily from a small mobile device so you you can manage your Logins even if you are not at your desktop.

The Manager app can be accessed from a button on the My Account tab of the Publisher when you are signed-in and are currently upgraded above Free status.

The Manger app can also be accessed at this URL: It can be accessed regardless of your account status but the settings you make on it are only useful if you have publications published on a Basic or Corporate account.

At the moment the only function is the Login Manager, you can find more information about that on the Login Manager subpage.
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