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Respondent Logins is a feature which is used to restrict access to Fun Quizzes and General publication types.

Accounts need to be upgraded above Free status to be able to publish using this feature.

Your respondent Logins are set up account-wide using the Login Manager on the Manager app.

The Manager app can be accessed from the My Account tab when upgraded above Free status or by using the URL on the Manager app page if Free status.

Tags (multiple) can be allocated to against each Login and access to publications restricted to only those Logins with the right tags. You set up tags on a publication (optional) when you publish it.

When you are upgraded above Free status any tags you have set on publications can be used to filter your publications on the My Publications tab on the Publisher app.

For General type publications only one attempt at a test per Login ID is allowed and respondents can resume a partly finished test. When you view respondents on the My Publications tab the Login ID will become the Reference. To allow a respondent to re-take a test you will need to delete their previous attempt.

For Fun Quizzes a Login ID can access the publication multiple times. The Login and Password is only used to restrict access to your questions.

Examples of Tags
1) You wish to restrict access to a publication to managers only. Using the Login Manager add a tag such as "manager" (without quotes) to those Logins representing managers (example Login ID: BILLSMITH, Password: xxx, Tags: manager, warehouse). When you make a publication add the tag "manager" (without quotes), see here. Now only BILLSMITH and others with the "manager" tag will be able to access that publication.

2) You wish to allow access to a publication to everyone you have assigned Logins to using the Login Manager, regardless of their tags. When you publish you test/quiz just choose the Login option, see here, but don't enter any tags.

3) You wish to restrict access to a publication only to operatives who work in the warehouse. Using the Login Manager assign tags to operatives who work in the warehouse (example Lgin ID: MARKJONES, Password xxx, Tags: operative, warehouse, reach_truck_driver). When you publish, see here, then use the tags "operative, warehouse" (without the quotes). Note that having the extra tag "reach_truck_driver" does not prevent MARKJONES from accessing this publication. Also note that BILLSMITH (example 1 above) cannot access this publication because he does not have the tag "operative".

4) To allow BILLSMITH and MARKJONES (examples 1 and 3 above) to access a publication just publish, (see here), with the "warehouse" tag because both BILLSMITH and MARKJONES have the warehouse tag.

Hope the above is not too confusing. Login Tags are very flexible and how you use them is up to you.

Any questions please contact me.