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To add questions from your libraries to tests you go to the test you want to add the questions to, go to the questions tab, and click on the Add questions from libraries button. From there you will be able to select questions from your libraries.

A library (here) is a document containing questions which can be copied into tests to make specific tests. It is a question 'bank' if you like. For example, the quiz master at a club might want to write lots of general knowledge questions, lots of history questions, science questions etc. Each weekly quiz might include questions from those in the library (or libraries) already written before. This saves time.

To create and edit libraries then go to the My Workspace tab and choose the My Libraries tab.

libraries list

To get some example libraries

You can get a couple of example libraries into your My Libraries list and edit them and use them to try the "Add questions from libraries" function. The examples let you evaluate Set YOUR own TESTS publisher without the need to type in questions etc. Just press the Get some examples button.

To create a new library

To create a new library click on the New Library button. The library editor will then replace the list panel.

Add the library header details

  • Choose a name for the library. The library name will allow you to select it to add questions to a test later.
  • Choose tags (optional). Put commas between the tags. You will be able to filter libraries by tag.
  • Enter a description (optional). This will help you to remember what the library consists of.

screenshot showing library header details

Add and delete books

To add a new book

  • Using the mouse, just click on the Add a new book button.
  • Use the ALT+n keyboard shortcut.

A box should appear with its book number written in it. This is a book to which questions can be added. It is entirely up to you which questions to put in each book. In a library, it is useful to put related questions together in a book. Put a short description of the kind of questions in the book in the 'Title' field on the book. This description is shown when picking books/questions onto a test.

To add another book just click the "Add a new book" button again.

screenshot of library page popup menu

To delete a book

Click the +► next to the book number. A popup menu will appear. From the popup select Delete this book. The book will disappear. If there were questions on that book then you would be prompted to confirm the delete.

To add a new question to a book

  • Using the mouse just click on the New Question button.
  • Using the keyboard tab to the book as described above and tab until the New Question button is focused and press enter.

The question edit dialog will pop up to allow question details to be entered.

screenshot of question editor in action

Use the tabs to select between the question prompt and (optional) photo and the answer options...

screenshot of question editor in action

To enter question details

The mouse or keyboard can be used to navigate around the question edit dialog.

  • The question name is optional. It is displayed when adding questions to a test, if not set the question text is used instead.
  • The question text is the actual wording of the question itself.
  • You can add a photo (optional)
  • You must add either multiple choice options or a text box answer but not both.
  • To add a multiple choice option click the Multiple choice option button. Enter the option in the space provided and choose whether it is a correct option. There can be more than one correct answer option for each question but, if you have multiple choice, then there must be at least one correct one.
  • To remove a multiple choice option click the Remove button alongside the multiple choice option.
  • The Dictate number of options to select checkbox is to let the system know whether to inform the respondent how many correct options there are. For example in the example screenshot, above, when the question is played to a respondent the system will use radio buttons which only allow a single choice. If there were multiple correct answers then the system would say "Choose two options" and checkboxes instead of radio buttons would be used. If the checkbox were un-checked then the system would say "Choose any options that apply". 
  • To add a text box answer click the Text box button. The system cannot mark text box answers. You can select the size of text box to be appropriate.
  • To add the question to the book click the  OK  button.
  • To abandon the question click the Cancel button.

If you have pressed the  OK  button and there are no error messages then the question will appear within the appropriate book. The start of the question text will be displayed.

screenshot of library page question popup

To edit a question

To open the question edit dialog again click on the + alongside the question and select Edit from the pop-up menu. The question can then be edited.

To delete a question

To delete a question from a book click on the + alongside the question and select Delete from the pop-up menu. When prompted to confirm the delete then choose OK.

To rearrange the library

To move a question between books or to a different position in the same book just drag the question to the new position. You can also rearrange books by dragging the book number up or down.

screenshot of moving a question in a library

Alternatively, books can be moved up or down by using the book menu. book menu showing move down

To save the library

  • Click the Save button to save changes and continue editing.
  • Click the save and return button to save changes and end editing.

If you are using an active account then the library will be saved to the server for you automatically. If you are not using an active account then your library will still be available in your browser, just not saved to the server. Your saved (or In-browser) library will be displayed in the libraries list which is shown here.

screenshot of library saved in libraries list

To export your data

To save the library to your computer or Google Drive™ simply click the Export your data button on the libraries list. You can then choose from the export options. You do not need to have an account to do this.

For more information about exporting your data see the exporting page.

To edit an existing library

To edit an existing library go to the libraries tab list and click on the name of the library. It will open in the Library Editor. Be sure you have saved any work already in the Library Editor because opening a library from the list opens the saved version and overwrites whatever is in the editor. 

To add questions from a library to a test

To add questions to a test from your library you do it from the Test Editor - not the Library Editor. Instructions on how to do this are on the copy from libraries page.

To delete your library

To delete the library tick (check) the checkbox against the library on the libraries list and the delete button will become visible. Click the delete button and you will then be prompted to confirm. Click save and exit to confirm the delete is required.