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To import data for libraries and tests you must first have exported your data in xml format. See the exporting page for information about how to do that.

You can't import Word documents, pdf or any other type of file than those exported from Set YOUR own TESTS in xml format.

You don't need an account to import data. It is imported into your browser; if you have an account you can save it to the server.

Why would I want to import data?

  • You can move libraries and tests between accounts by exporting and then importing them. 
  • You can keep libraries and tests in a filing system of your choice (for example a shared folder in your organisation) and then load them when you need them. 
  • You can only keep ten Libraries or Tests saved to the server at any one time so you can download and keep the ones you aren't using. 
  • You might ask a third party to write some questions for you and they can send you the questions in a library for you to import to your account. 
  • You might think of another reason - it really is very useful indeed. 

How to import data

Choose a file which was exported in xml format. The file will still have a .txt extension but will have _xml at the end of the name. 

To do this click on the Import button on the My Tests or My Libraries tabs... 

screenshot of data panel buttons

To import from your computer or your computer network

Click the file chooser button (how it looks depends on your browser) to choose the file. The image below shows what it looks like using Chrome browser and Windows 8.1.

screenshot of importing a file

The file will appear in the My Tests lists if it is a validly formed test and in the My Libraries list if it is a validly formed library regardless of which tab you are using at the time. 

To import from Google Drive™

Click the Choose a file from Google Drive button.

the choose from drive button

A window will open and you will need to authorise the access to your Google Drive for the Setyourowntests File Chooser script. Then you will be able to choose your file to load into set YOUR own TESTS.

Google Drive Picker

The Choose a file from Google Drive button will change to say Submit. Click it if you have chosen a file: and it will load into the publisher.


Please remember that if you want to save the file to your account then open it in the editor and save it or use the little checkbox to the left of the item and then choose Save.

The import functions work even if you do not have an account or are not signed-in but, obviously, you can't save to your account if you are not signed-in.

It is much better not to edit the xml data files manually in any way in case you render the file invalid in which case it will not be imported.