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Copy and paste

Copy and paste questions is a productivity aid. Very often there is something on one question that you don't want to type again such as  perhaps similar question text or options. You can copy and paste a question including its photo, question text and multi choice or text box answers. You can also copy all the questions on a page or book. 

You can paste the question or questions onto the same page or book as the original, a different page or book on the same document, a different document (by closing that one and opening another one and pasting) or you can copy from a library to a test and vice versa.

To copy questions

To copy a single question

To copy a question then use the question popup menu by clicking the + to the right of the question text. Choose Copy. The question is then on the Set YOUR own TESTS clipboard.

screenshot copying one question

To copy all questions on a page or book

To copy all questions on a page or book then use the page/book popup menu by clicking the + below or alongside the page or book number. Choose Copy questions. The question or questions are then on the Set YOUR own TESTS clipboard. Shown here is an example for a Library book, a Test page is the same principle.
screenshot of copy all on a page

To paste a question or questions

To paste a copied question or questions then use the page or book menu where you want to paste the question or questions. You might need to use the Add an empty page or Add a new book button to get a new page/book if that is what you want.

Choose Paste; The copied question(s) can be pasted multiple times if desired.

screenshot of choosing paste on the page popup