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Setyourowntests to Forms Bridge

This Google Apps Script™ will:
obtain the requested item (Test) from (via a temporary document)
create a Google Form™ on the user's (your) Google Drive™ with content as per the requested item
create a spreadsheet on the user's (your) Google Drive™ to contain the form submissions (Responses).

The created Google Form™ and spreadsheet will be named as per the item on

Links to view and edit the created Form will be displayed below when the script has finished.

This script needs to be initiated from export function because a temporary document is created for use by the script. Temporary documents protect the original from being open to a publicly accessible URL.

The Form created by the bridge does not mark the responses, it is just a standard Google Form. You will need to either mark the responses manually or install a script such as flubaroo which will mark the responses in the response spreadsheet.

The reason for having this bridge is to permit questions stored in Set YOUR own TESTS (perhaps grouped using libraries specifically for reuse) to be usable in forms. You might choose to use Google Forms to publish your questions if you don't need the functionality of the Set YOUR own TESTS player (timers etc) and you have confidential information which you or your company does not wish to be processed on

Please note that when you run the bridge you are running it as your Google user and so if you have Google Apps for Work or Google Apps for Education the form will have the "This form was created within Your Organization" which gives respondents the information as to who the publisher is.

You will need to grant access rights to the bridge. The access rights you grant are for the bridge only and not for publisher as a whole. This means publisher itself cannot access your forms and spreadsheets and gives you greater control. Google will send you an email with information about how to revoke privileges and uninstall the Setyourowntests to Forms bridge and who to contact if you have problems.

After you have generated and checked your form please remember that if you want the form to be available outside your organisation (for Work or Education accounts) then open your form in edit mode and make the appropriate settings.

Setyourowntests File Chooser

This Google Apps Script™ is used to choose a file from your Google Drive™ and send it to a temporary location on the Set YOUR own TESTS server (App Engine™) from where it can then be loaded into the publisher by a further action (click submit button). It does not save anything to your Set YOUR own TESTS account storage (you need to save it from the publisher to do that). It does not update, add or delete any files or change in any way your Google Drive data.