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Getting more

All accounts are now granted Basic access so you have more even if you didn't know it!.

What is in Basic upgrade?

You can set Logins on you publications to restrict access. You set up Logins (which are user id's really) using the Login Manager. These can be further restricted by the use of Tags. (Note: there are other ways to restrict access to your publications which are free.)

You get 20 loaded Tests, Libraries and published Tests (Publications) each, instead of 10.

You can restrict access to publications to a specific domain when published with the General publication type and the Sign in with Google option.

You have the option to publish Fun Quizzes in Interactive mode where the answers are shown after each question page. An example is shown here.

What happens when 28 days Basic upgrade ends?

If you have signed in with Google then your account will revert to Free status but you can upgrade again, for free, if you want to use the Basic additional features. You can upgrade each 28 days for as long as you like.

When your account reverts to Free status any publications you made using the features you used when upgraded will still work fully. That's right - still work fully; you are not trapped into maintaining upgraded status each month.

For example, if you upgrade and use the Logins functionality to publish some tests then, after your upgrade expires, your respondents will still be able to access those publications via Login but you will not be able to publish any more using the Logins functionality unless you upgrade again which you can do whenever you need to - there is no need to upgrade every month.

Extra documents, above the Free quota limit, (such as more publications and more Libraries and Tests loaded), created when upgraded, will still be available for you to work on but you will not be able to create any more until you have either upgraded again or have, by deleting some, returned to below the Free quota limit.

If you have not signed in with Google and needed to pay for your Basic upgrade then your account will revert to evaluation mode and you will need to pay to upgrade again in order to save and publish any more work.