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Without an account

We know that if all you want to do is evaluate various options then you don't necessarily want to be creating an account everywhere you go. To this end Set YOUR own TESTS lets you use the editors, copy stuff from libraries to tests and preview your work without even creating an account. You can export your work to Google Drive™ or your own computer to use if you come back again. 

Creating an account

Click on the 'Sign in with Set YOUR own TESTS' bar on the Account tab and choose 'Sign-up'.

You only need a username and password, your username cannot be an email address. You will get free access.

If you want to use the 'forgotten your password or username' facility then you will need to enter an account email after you have signed-up.

You can have as many accounts as you like but each one must have a different account email should you choose to enter one.

The account email is only used to send a password reset, it is not used for any other purpose.

There is no way to link a non-Google account to a Google account, signing-in with Google (see below) will create a different account.

Sign in with Google

If you accept the terms and conditions then just click the Google button. 
picture of a sign in with google button

If you are not signed-in to any Google account then the sign-in page will appear and you can sign-in.
The will then ask you to confirm that you want to use your Google account. It asks you which Google account if you have more than one.

On return from Google accounts the site URL will be If you use this address it is the equivalent of clicking the Google button to sign-in and you will be directed to the Google accounts service if you are not signed-in. Remove the "?google=auto" if you don't want to sign-in with Google.

Set YOUR own TESTS uses your Google email for your Username. That is all it is used for. 

If you have more than one Google email address then be sure to be signing-in with the correct one because different Google email addresses are considered to be separate accounts. 

Be aware that if you change your Google email address then you will get another, new, account at Set YOUR own TESTS next time you sign-in after changing your Google email address. Your old Set YOUR own TESTS account will still be there and will be available if you change your Google email back to the one originally set at Set YOUR own TESTS. Remember you can export your work and upload it to your new Google related account if you like.

To logout from Google accounts (to sign-in to a different Google account)  then use the Logout button and then click on the Sign out from Google accounts link which will be under the Google button. This will take you to the Google accounts page and you will be prompted to sign-in with a Google account. You will be signed-out from Google and might need to sign-in again on other Google applications such as Gmail, Calendar or whatever.

Publisher email addresses

To make publications using the Respondents by email publication type you must use a verified email address. This is to comply with data protection legislation which requires us to ensure that the data we hold which can be used to identify someone is accurate. We ask you to respond to an email sent to the address you enter to confirm that you are the owner of the email account. The email address is published on the Respondents by email publications and so we must ensure it is yours.

You set up your email addresses on the My Account tab after you have logged in. The instructions are quite clear. Please be sure to look in your junk mail/spam folder to find the verification email., in particular, sends anything from (the Google App Engine email domain) to the junk folder. You can set up more than one because you may well need to use separate addresses to organise respondents for separate competitions/job vacancies or whatever.

screenshot of my account my emails section

Your email addresses are deleted along with any other information you have entered when you delete your account.

If you first signed-in with your Google account after 29th December 2014 then your Google email will be automatically added to your Publisher email addresses otherwise you will need to verify an email address to use.

If you signed-in with Google before 29th December 2014 and deleted (or delete) your account (see below) and then subsequently sign-in with Google again then your email address will be added to your Publisher email addresses.

Without a verified email address you can use Named Respondents or Fun Quiz or General publications.

Deleting your account

You can delete your account at any time just press the Delete this Set YOUR own TESTS account button on the My Account tab when you are logged-in.

Deleting your account deletes everything you have saved to the Set YOUR own TESTS server including (but not limited to) your Fun Quizzes and all your respondents. Make sure you have exported anything you want to keep. Account deletion cannot be reversed. After deletion then a new account can be created with the same Username which will have no connection with the previous account.

We encourage you to delete your account if you no longer need it but remember - if you have spent time creating questions then export them you never know if you might want to use them in the future.

Deleting your account does not delete your actual Google account, just all your stuff at Set YOUR own TESTS.
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