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Access keys

The drag and drop functionality on the Test Editor and Library Editor cannot be replicated by using the keyboard. All other functions can be accessed by using the keyboard and that includes the context menus (+>) on tabs, pages and questions. The context menus can be navigated by using the up/down/left/right keys once reached using the tab key.

The tab key can access all controls but by using access keys controls (below) some can be accessed without multiple tab key presses.

Each browser has its own key combination for activating an access key. To use the access keys on Google Chrome press the ALT key plus the key specified. For Internet explorer you might need to press the ALT key and the enter key afterwards to action it if it is a button or a link. There are many browsers and you should look in the documentation (help) for your browser to see how to activate the access keys listed below for your browser.

 Key Tab Command
 a  go to My Account tab
 w  go to My Workspace tab
 l  go to My Libraries tab
 t  go to My Tests tab
 p  go to My Publications tab
 u My Account Move cursor to the username input box
 r My Account Move cursor to the password input box
 g      My Account Activate the sign-in with Google button (tab to go to the t&c press space then do this access key again to sign-in with Google without any mouse click)
 y My Libraries Move cursor to the Library Name box
 n My Libraries Create a new Library (overwrites current library editor contents)
 b My Libraries Open File Import dialog
 ? My Libraries:editor Add a question on a new page
 s My Libraries:editor Save (to local copy or the server)
 o My Libraries:editor Save and return to the libraries list
 i My Libraries:question editor Add a multiple choice option
 x My Libraries:question editor Add a text box for answer
 j My Libraries:question editor Cancel (do not add or update this question)
 z My Libraries:question editor Add or update this question
 n My Libraries:editor Add a new book
 n My Tests Create a new Test (overwrites current test editor contents)
 b My Tests Open File Import dialog
 ? My Tests:editor Add a question on a new page
 n My Tests:editor Add a new empty page
 c My Tests:editor Exit without saving
 s My Tests:editor Save (In-browser or the server)
 o My Tests:editor Save and return to the tests list
 u My Tests:editor Publish
 v My Tests:editor Preview
 i My Tests:question editor Add a multiple choice option
 x My Tests:question editor Add a text box for answer
 j My Tests:question editor Cancel (do not add or update this question)
 z My Tests:question editor Add or update this question