For trainers


You will know better than anyone that interim assessment and exam practice are key in identifying gaps in knowledge and gaining familiarity with the process of answering questions.

In Set YOUR own TESTS you can create libraries of questions and generate tests from them at random. This can greatly speed up the task of creating quizzes for a specific requirement 

For distance learning the requirement for on-line practice exams is well established but very often are presented using generic products like Powerpoint. Generic products are a work-around and do not present authentic on-line assessment practice nor do they contain the question and respondent management capabilities found in Set YOUR own TESTS.

For trainees keen to practice you can set up random pages style quizzes which will change within a set list of questions each time the test is played. The trainee can practice exam technique repeatedly and each time see a different combination of questions. Lets say you put four questions on each random page and had twenty pages. The trainee would see one question per page chosen at random. You would write eighty questions in all giving a number of combinations of different exams at 4^20 (four to the power 20) which is a huge number.

For on-line exam practice, mock exams etc use Fun Quizzes and formal style combined with questions set by yourself to match the required style and level of difficulty. 

For classroom based training you can use Set YOUR own TESTS as a question management system to generate tests from your libraries at random and print the questions and multiple-choice options on a specially formatted question and answer sheet which prints nicely without splitting questions over pages. Of course you have to mark them yourself of get the trainees to do it themselves which takes time which is usually very limited in classroom training.

Your account doesn't need to be active to export to plain text question sheets so your hard work is certainly not locked-in.