For clubs and societies


Enthusiasts love to test their own knowledge. You can use our Fun Quizzes on your club website or include a link in your newsletter email.

For more competitive members then perhaps a competition now and again would add value to membership. You can use either formal or informal publications and Respondents by email to help keep your members engaged and active.

Set YOUR own TESTS documents are portable and can be created without an account so you could encourage your members to send-in their own quizzes which you could publish using the club Set YOUR own TESTS account.

Of course, quizzes at club social events are always popular but can take up otherwise valuable time. On-line quizzes and competitions engage members outside of club events. 

Back-in-the-day when I was a young publications secretary at our mountaineering club we didn't have websites and email newsletters and finding good content was sometimes a challenge. Well now we do and members expect interactive content so here it is... Set YOUR own TESTS!.