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1) Sign in with Google

Go to (the "publisher" web application linked to on the left side-bar). Just press the Sign in with Google button. Warning: If your work is on the go when you sign in then you will lose that work unless you have downloaded (exported as xml) your work first.

Tip: use the Load some examples buttons and see the examples to evaluate before signing in with Google but sign in before starting any serious work.

Familiarise yourself with the way things work - there's loads of help here if you need it. You can download your work (exported as xml) and upload it again without an account for as long as you like.

2) Enter your questions

You don't need to enter your questions all in one go. Just remember to be signed in and to make sure to save your work then your work will be there next time you sign in.

If you might want to reuse your questions you should enter them into a Library, or, you can put them straight into a Test, whichever is best for you.

3) Publish your questions

When you are signed in you can publish your questions. Choose the formal publication style for professional test navigation features.

The General publication type lets you capture an email or require respondents to sign in with Google as well as other methods of identifying the respondent.

Just don't publish as a Fun Quiz because the results are not captured.

4) Receive answers

For any publication type other than Fun Quiz you will see the respondents results. The respondents are colour coded and you can see their results in a print friendly format. You can manage respondents by deleting them if you wish.

5) Decide who to interview

You can then decide who you want to interview. Obviously there are more things to consider than the results from the screening test but you now have an evaluation based on a level playing field and you also have auditable reasons for choosing certain candidates to interview. You can save the results in detail by using individual respondent reports or in a CSV file export containing the all the results for analysis in any spreadsheet program. You can export the CSV to Google Drive if you like and then open it with the Google spreadsheet service.

Please remember the auto-marked questions are just the start, you can review the text based answers of those who pass the auto-marked answers to take your decisions to the next stage.

Probably all the information and help you require is contained in the pages of this web site. If not then please contact me using the details on the contact us page.

Finally, please do look at the information on this site and/or evaluate the web application. There are far too many features (such as random questions etc) to cram onto this page.