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Formal style publications in Set YOUR own TESTS have sophisticated features which allow respondents to defer questions, see the status of each question in a list and quickly navigate the questions. These are the sort of features you would expect in a much more costly service and give a good experience and impression to potential employees. 

Use the Named respondents option for smallish numbers of applicants which facilitates timed tests and resuming a started test. Remember you don't need to set challenges which last just say, one hour, think big and give your potential employees a challenge that they will complete after a great deal of thought. Set YOUR own TESTS will not "time-out" after a period of inactivity unlike most other websites. 

Use the Respondents by email option for larger numbers of applicants which does not require you to spend time setting up applicants beforehand. Either way you can ascertain, on an even playing field, which applicants might be right for you.

The suggestions, above, do not require applicants to sign in to Set YOUR own TESTS or divulge any identifying details to Set YOUR own TESTS and, because Set YOUR own TESTS does not require the use of cookies it means that you can safely expect job applicants to use the service without imposing on them to pass on any intended or unintended information about themselves. We at Set YOUR own TESTS believe this approach is of the utmost importance in showing your own responsible attitude toward your applicants and maintaining good Internet etiquette.

You can use Set YOUR own TESTS for assessment of existing employees but the functionality available at this time does not include the facility to set up groups of intended respondents such as employees which you would want to use over and over again and because of this we are not advertising the service as suitable for this purpose.

You can export publications in .CSV format which you can then load into a spreadsheet program. This gives you a clear view of the candidates and, just as importantly, a permanent record of the applicants results for audit purposes.

For more details see the screening page.


Informal style publications can be used to set up competitions to engage customers who then email you to enter the competition. You use our unique Respondents by email service to do this. 

You can add photos to questions which maybe relate to your products encouraging customers to find about products and to find interesting details about products which could lead to a sale. When customers have answered the questions they need to email YOU to enter the competition which means you can reply to the email thanking them for their interest and apply direct selling techniques. 

Your respondents will be listed in Set YOUR own TESTS and you can filter them and pick a winner. You can also ask questions which are not marked automatically such as "What do think is best about this product" which you can use to decide a winner as well as gaining useful customer feedback. 

The main point is that customers engage with your products and YOU get email addresses of interested customers.

Share and delegate

For either of the above it doesn't need to be administrators who devise the questions. With Set YOUR own TESTS you can ask specialists in your teams or even third parties to set questions because Set YOUR own TESTS documents are portable. 

Documents can be created without even having an account and emailed to the administrator and remember that Set YOUR own TESTS doesn't set cookies so you are not imposing anything on the question setters apart from their time.

Apart from storing your documents on the Set YOUR own TESTS server you can store many more on your own computer system perhaps on a networked drive to allow sharing of these valuable capability assets.

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