All sorts of organisations from clubs and societies to businesses can benefit from engaging members or customers through quizzes and competitions. Set YOUR own TESTS enables you to create them, publish them and manage the responses. You can publish using an informal style great for competitions or trivia or use a formal style for on-line exam practice, assessments or screening. Set YOUR own TESTS allows you to create libraries of questions which you can pick individually or have them picked at random for you. This means you can re-use your questions quickly and easily. 

You can add a photo and introductory text to your quiz and questions which can be very engaging for your respondents. You can also change fonts and colours or choose a theme and add a logo and is fully Unicode compliant for special characters and characters from any language.

When you publish your quiz the system generates a unique URL for each publication which you can send out in an email or put on your website. The system also generates 'embed' code so the quiz can show right on your own website.

You can make your tests dynamic by using the 'random page' functionality which lets you put more than one question on a page and the system will choose one of them at random. Also you can choose to randomise the order of multiple choice options which is a feature you might find useful.

You can choose to publish your test as a 'Fun Quiz' where the answers are shown at the end of the quiz (or after each question if you prefer) or, of course, you can have the results stored on the server for you to view.

There are many options for publishing your tests and storing the results which do not compromise the identity of the respondent, such as setting up a Login for each respondent (using any login ID you specify) or using a simple dummy email address approach or setting up ID for each respondent or even using the respondents by email approach where the respondent emails you  a code (for competitions etc). There is no reason why Set YOUR own TESTS needs to know who your respondents are and that is very important for everybody.

Set YOUR own TESTS will show you a list of the respondents where you can see their results, add notes or your own reference. You can filter the results too. Also, you can export the publication results to a .CSV file which can be loaded into any spreadsheet for further analysis. 

Set YOUR own TESTS is a web application - there is nothing to install on your computer. It works more like a traditional application than a web page though. You can edit and amend your work at any time, use drag and drop to arrange your questions and preview your publications without saving them to the server or even having an account. 

You can also save the data of your libraries or tests to Google Drive™ or your computer system (or just export to a text box) so that they can be shared or saved for later use. You can keep as many exported tests as you like and upload them to work on them whenever you need them or keep a limited number on the server. You can do this without even creating an account. 

You are welcome to browse the pages here to get a better understanding of Set YOUR own TESTS or use the link on the left to go to the Web application. We have examples too which you are welcome to try.

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